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27 - Feb - 2015

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Driver CPC Qualifications

Driver CPC in Lincolnshire

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Driver CPC Training

The Driver CPC qualification was introduced into UK law on the 10th September 2008 for Bus and Coach drivers and 10th September 2009 for drivers of Large Goods Vehicles in excess of 3500kgs.

To drive professionally all drivers must, in addition to a valid driving licence for the category of vehicle, have their Driver CPC qualification. This Driver CPC Training qualification must be renewed every 5 years.

For new drivers this will mean that during their LGV training in Lincolnshire, whilst achieving their new licence they will also need to undertake Driver CPC training in order to acquire this additional qualification.

Qualified drivers will automatically have received their Driver CPC qualification by acquired rights. To renew this qualification a driver will be required to attend 35 hours of Driver CPC Periodic Training every 5 years.

Driver CPC in Lincolnshire for new Drivers

Drivers adding new categories C or D to their licence will need to also gain this new qualification. We offer Driver CPC training in conjunction with our LGV training in Lincolnshire.

We offer Driver CPC training for new drivers at our training centre in Peterborough. To achieve the qualification the driver has to take and pass 2 additional Modular tests. Training for these tests is primarily theory in content but does require some practical knowledge.

Driver CPC training for Module 2

The test for this module is a computer based case study exam. The test consists of 50 questions based upon 7 different case studies, covering the drivers knowledge and basic understanding of scenario's encountered in every day working.

Driver CPC training for Module 4

This is a practical test test taken at a DSA centre where the candidate is required to demonstrate to the examiner his knowledge and ability on matters of safety and security. The test consists of 5 questions on various topics, requiring the candidate to meet an overall pass mark of 80% as well as at least 75% for each topic area.

We offer Driver CPC Training in Lincolnshire in conjunction with our LGV training in Lincolnshire for licence acquisition. To keep our costs low we embed the vast majority of the added learning into our theory training course and practical driving courses with an additional period of preparation prior to the test.

Driver CPC Training Costs

Our theory training day (usually a Saturday) £75.00 + Vat
Module 2 test fee £30.00
Training and vehicle use for Module 4 £90.00 + Vat
Module 4 test fee (including driver card) £55.00

Driver CPC Periodic Training

Divers of large vehicles over 3500Kgs or buses or coaches who hold the Driver CPC qualification will be required to attend 35 hours of Driver CPC Periodic Training every 5 years.

The driver CPC periodic training course must be a minimum of 7 hours duration and delivered by an approved centre. The subject matter for the course must be mapped to the European Directive syllabus and the course must be approved by Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training.

Drivers are free to decide the course that they wish to attend based upon the relevance of the training to their job and cost. It is possible to deliver some qualifications, for example. ADR, First Aid or some Health and Safety courses that can also be approved as Driver CPC Periodic Training.

The benefits of combining courses, is that a driver CPC periodic training can in effect be delivered at the same time as another relevant qualification. Although these courses will attract some extra costs the driver will be reducing the time away from the job whilst attending training.

Charges for 7 hour, Driver CPC Periodic Training, start from
Driver CPC Periodic training added to ADR course £10.00+ Vat
General Driver CPC Periodic Training courses £85.00 + Vat
DSA registration Fee for a 7 hour course £8.75

Driver CPC Periodic Training course available

Driver CPC in Lincolnshire courses available
Course TitleCourse Aim
Basic ADR Training course Day 1To ensure compliance with the regulations for transporting dangerous goods by road
Basic ADR Training course Day 2To ensure compliance with the regulations for transporting dangerous goods by road
Basic ADR Training course Day 3To ensure compliance with the regulations for transporting dangerous goods by road
Professional Driver's Legal ResponsibilitiesTo cover the legal requirements in regard to the Driver CPC training Qualification. The legal requirements and implementation of Drivers' hours rules and Tachograph usage both analogue and Digital. Including working with the rules.
Emergency First Aid CourseDesigned to offer the driver knowledge and experience of Emergency First Aid and achieve a HSE recognised qualification.
New courses are being added to our portfolio of Periodic Training for Driver CPC in Cambridgeshire.
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